When you are looking for a mobile phone in today’s market you will find that you are given so many options from www.dialaphone.co.uk that you don’t know where to start!

With most mobile phones offering extra this and more of that, it is important to focus on what you want from your mobile phone. With mobile phones becoming increasingly multi-functional, the buyer can purchase a phone to fulfil many needs, for example, some people will use their phone for emailing, whereas some might be looking for a phone that is best at playing music.

Although most phones cover all areas of communications and entertainment in some way, different phones specialise in certain areas, making them the best at fulfilling particular requirements.

These days, many people will look for mobile phones that alleviate the inconvenience of having to carry around multiple devices. This is especially true when it comes to music devices.

The mobile phone that has paved the way in regards to incorporating a music device is undoubtedly the Apple iPhone. Born of the Apple iPod, the iPhone encompasses the innovations of the hand held music device, including direct access to the iTunes store, combining it with the function of a mobile phone.

All models of the iPhone provide a fantastic platform for playing music; the interface, navigation, memory and sound are of equal quality and ease to that of the iPod, and you can even use the mobile phone on a docking station as you would your iPod – as they use the same connections.

In addition to this, the iPhone also has access to music related apps such as Spotify, and the special features created by Apple; including iCloud which syncs up your music downloads with your other Apple devices, and even music-making features. All of these added extras made available only through Apple serve to enhance your music-playing experience and have resulted in the iPhone being market leader in regards to music.

If iPhone has to offer all the above, then what has Nokia got to offer? – A lot more!

Nokia have always been the markert leader when it came to entertainment, right from support for various formats, to the rich experience what their phones are offering. With the advent of iPhone, iPod, they did lose considerable amount of market share. What they lacked initially was a neat music player interface for their touch enabled devices. Now, that with the latest Symbian OS they have a good looking interface. With their Lumia line-up things just got much better!

Nokia has a wonderful service called Nokia Music Unlimited, a free music service which is offered to select music-phones, and higher-end devices.

Nokia’s DRM free music comes packed with features such as: DRM-free tracks; pre-activation (on the device); easy browsing, downloading & renewal through the device itself, among others.

Nokia Music Unlimited Service includes local and global music with an abundance of legal tracks from a range of artistes including international hits and local content. Nokia Music Store includes extensive catalogues from major global labels like Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music and Nokia’s local partnership with Indian Music Industry (a consortium of more than 150 music companies), Hungama that represents major labels including Yash Raj, Tseries, and SIMCA (South Indian Music Companies Association), amongst others.

Also, some of Nokia’s high-end devices are dobly digital certified, like the Nokia 808 for example. Some of the key differentiaors like these still makes Nokia phones, an attractive buy!

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