(*C7 reading Tag)

Firstly NFC is a technology that allows a device to share and access data over short ranges – but at a speed that makes it very useful. Also few weeks back it was also confirmed that the Nokia C7 had the NFC Chip inside the phone.

Earlier, Des Horts had told Teknologik, the Nokia C7’s NFC functionality “will be activated with the next firmware release, early next year.” He explained that, the device will be able to perform applications such as pairing with a headset, playing games and storing coupons.

(*C7 reading contact from another C7)

Though no date has yet been set for the arrival of payments applications on Nokia phones, however, although des Horts does said that the handset maker will provide card emulation functions in the future. Whether that will be possible with the C7, though, is not currently clear as industry rumours suggest the C7 may not include the necessary hardware to support payments applications.

But all you can do now is to watch how the C7 reads TAG and Contact making full use of its NFC Chip.

PS : Nokia hasn’t activated the NFC chip yet, this is just a demo of NFC working. Future firmware updates will enable NFC.

Thanks to Mr.C and sdoutriaux.

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