Two new ways to hack your Symbian S60v3 and S60v5 phones

There are two new ways to hack your Symbian S60 phones, first one is the popular HelloOX that just got a new version released. The HelloOX2 is an One step Hacking tool for all Symbian S60 3rd & 5th phone. Hacking mean that you can get unlimited access to your phone’s system folders and files, with this capability, you’ll be able to mod your system apps. for example: modding installserver to install any software you want, don’t have to care about certificate anymore…

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The second way is to get a certificate and key file to sign you unsigned applications. This way you do not have to hack your phone, but you need to use the signing process every time you want to install a unsigned application (usually takes 10-15sec)

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Hack Symbian^3 devices

Hacking your S60 phone will let you install unsigned applications without a hassle and even apply some patches if you like !

Step 1

1- Let’s go on (UPDATE : To everyone having problems downloading their cert and key from isgn site, i’ll suggest to check opda out, it has English interface, and it’s as fast as imobile)

– Sign up for a new account :

– Put your IMEI

– Pay attention to the date indicated in this message is exactly the date on which the *.cert and *.key will be generated! And that (date) is respected, do not try before, it is useless

– Return to site on the specified date, sign in if it’s not already the case

Select the tab as shown in the capture, and voila!

Step 2 :

Download HelloOX2 (v2.02 or later)

Ps : You can get HelloOX2 signed for $5 USD donation via PayPal

– Finally, use the cert and key to sign your unsigned apps to be able to install them to your device, you should be able to sign directly on your device with freesigner, if you have any probs then try using the sissigner pc app. When using or cert and key leave the password entry blank.

Freesigner and sissigner can be downloaded HERE

All credits goes to:
GANG’s brothers

And Thanks to all people who made this possible!

Please Note :

– Posting your IMEI on the internet may be dangerous depending on where you live.
– It may take several days before you receive your certificate.
– You MUST keep the key file and certificate file safe as they’re directly linked.


===============NEW HACK METHOD!===============

HelloOX2 is here for everything you need. Hacking in only One step, just run it, it does all the rest for you. It has been tested and confirmed working on almost all Symbian S60 3rd(FP1, FP2), 5th, Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna devices, include the latest phone models Nokia E6-00, X7-00, N8-00, E7-00, C7-00, C7 Astound, C6-01, C5-03, E5-00…etc.

Here the signer attached also with helloOXv2.11.sisx.

Just get your own cer and key and put it in this program,and it will generate hello ox sisx file for you.

Download Hello0x Signer
Download Hello0x2 v2.11.sisx

NEW METHOD (Symbian^3)


Root Certificate Hack!
Download archive –

1. Install CertUpdater.sisx
2. Sign CertHack.sis using your own Devcert
3. Install signed CertHack twice!

Baam! Your Phone is now hacked!

You can sign and install any package using Leftup certificate (see folder)

Credits to CertHack.sis made by CODeRUS, stas686.


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