Well, camera phone freaks, here’s a news for you – Nokia has teased all of us with the video that am going to share below. The video tells us a story of phone that can capture great photos and tag lines like ‘Pure detail’, ‘Pure depth’ and ‘Pure definition’ brings us to the conclusion that, this might just be that device which is making noise all around the internet, yes Nokia 808 PureView. Only possible successor to Nokia N8!

Some of the expected features that this fella might carry with him are : Optical zoom (woot!) and a larger sensor than the 12-megapixel one on the N8 (which simply translates to camera sensor that could easily pwn all others phone camera sensors available yet!), 3.5-inch screen with WVGA resolution (meh) and Gorilla Glass protection. To power it all a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM.

Mock up photo of 808 

Just can’t wait till Mobile World Congress kicks off! So, 27-02-2012 it is.

There’s a video sample of a device making rounds on youtube, we can’t confirm if this video is taken on a Nokia 808 or <insert that secret device name>, though the title says Nokia 808, anyway have a look. It won’t harm you.

But let me tell you, from what am guessing, this is the next ‘big’ cameraphone that is going to rock the world for alteast two more years!

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