My good friend at twitter TopTomy a tech freak, was playing with his Orange N8 and dude! He found something interesting, he took the N8 USB cable adapter, hooked it to a USB massager and guess what it worked!! He could use that massager, it takes very less power imo, so it worked without an issue. So moral of the story, N8 keeps your head cool haha (sry for that bad joke).

Anyway its Kinda cool right!? I Bet no smartphone can do this except Nokias. So there’s lot more interesting stuffs yet to be discovered, lets see what route Nokia N8 takes. Sure its gona go places with its 12MP Carl Ziess Camera etc..

PS : Do check out the link at end, stunning pics clicked using Nokia N8! : Photo_Samples.

This device is sure a rockstar. Do you agree? Lemme know by commenting in the comments section.

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