Jolla has launched it’s first MeeGo-based mobile OS at Slush 2012. To explain in a nutshell, Jolla team are a bunch of super heroes who have come to show to the world what their unsung hero OS, MeeGo is capable of, which was sadly dissed by Nokia, previously! Check out the video below to know why.!

And this video gives us a quick look at the Sailfish UI elements.

And, if you have still have some questions regarding the Jolla folks, check out this FAQ, below!


Jolla – An Unofficial FAQ
So, what IS Jolla?Jolla (sometimes referred to as Jolla Mobile) is a new, independent company formed by the core team that created the Nokia N9 smartphone using the MeeGo operating system. They intend to sell smartphones based on the MeeGo platform. See our brief video history of Jolla for a quick look at what led to their founding.They’re based in Finland, but they have an international team and will work with an international development community.What is MeeGo?

It’s a Linux-based operating system for smartphones and other mobile devices. It was jointly developed by Nokia, Intel and the open source community, and derives from an earlier Nokia project called Maemo (which formed the basis of the Nokia N900, N810, N800 and 770). It also traces its history to an Intel project called Moblin.

What is Sailfish?

It’s the codename for Jolla’s version of MeeGo.

Why isn’t Nokia going to make more MeeGo phones?

For various reasons which are still slightly unclear, in early 2011 Nokia decided to sign an exclusivity deal with Microsoft that only allows them to make Windows-based phones for the next few years. The deal was signed before the first MeeGo device had been released, so it effectively killed Nokia’s MeeGo unit before it was ever given a chance to prove itself.

The Nokia N9 was still released later in 2011, but Nokia’s Chief Executive Stephen Elop made it clear that even if the N9 sold well they would not continue MeeGo’s development. (Elop was previously an executive at Microsoft, and took over at Nokia after the Microsoft-exclusivity deal had been agreed upon, so his background was geared entirely around Windows.)

Did the N9 sell well?

Nokia refuses to say, but according to unofficial sources it appears that despite all the difficulties it did sell quite well. It got excellent reviews too, the best Nokia had received in many years.

Is the N9 still on sale?

Yes, but it’s unclear for how long. Get it while you can!

Is Jolla owned by Nokia?

No, it’s an independent and totally separate company with its own investors, its own workforce and its own distribution deals.

However, the people who founded it used to work for Nokia until very recently, and Jolla is also based in Finland, so there are obviously some very significant historical links.

Did Nokia give Jolla their patents covering MeeGo?

As far as we are aware, no. MeeGo is an open source operating system, so in theory anyone can make a MeeGo-based phone without asking permission or paying royalties.

The actual situation is slightly more complicated, the Nokia N9 smartphone also contained some non-open elements which Nokia still controls, and Jolla has had to create their own substitutes for these (the so-called “special sauce”).

(This is, incidentally, also true of Google’s Android platform, most of which is also open source. Amazon used the open source bulk of Android to create the Kindle Fire, but added their own “special sauce” to create a rival platform.)

How can a small start-up like Jolla take over from a giant like Nokia?

The MeeGo platform was already proven to work by the success of the N9, so in one sense most of the important work has already been done.

Jolla will not be manufacturing their phones themselves but contracting it out to partners.

What about the software? How will Jolla provide a large selection of apps on its devices?

There has been no formal announcement, but there are extremely strong indications that Jolla devices will be compatible with Android applications. If this is the case, it would allow existing Android publishers to release software on Jolla without having to do any special development work.

The Jolla app store will also probably contain MeeGo apps originally written for the Nokia N9, and of course new apps developed specially for Jolla devices.

When do we get to see the first Jolla smartphone(s)?

The first public unveiling of Sailfish (the Jolla version of MeeGo) will be at the Slush 2012 event in Helsinki on the 21st and 22nd of November.

According to Jolla’s own press relese, there should be more details about the phone itself some time before Christmas.

Has Jolla signed any deals yet?

Yes, they have, with China’s largest retailer for example.

They have also apparently formed an alliance with several other companies to share Sailfish.

Will Jolla be supporting the Nokia N9?

Officially, no, Jolla are not allowed to. Nokia made the N9, Jolla is a totally separate company.

Unofficially, perhaps. It is theoretically possible that whatever Jolla makes could be installed on the N9, though it is unclear whether this is possible in reality.

Will Jolla’s phones use the Swipe user interface seen on the N9?

Swipe is property of Nokia and so wouldn’t be on Jolla devices.

However, Jolla haven’t yet unveiled their own UI so it remains to be seen how similar it is to the N9’s.

Does Jolla have a website?

Not yet. However, they do have an extremely active and responsive Twitter channel, a Linkedin page and a placeholder Facebook page. They also recently purchased the domain, so presumably the official site will be there.

As far as unofficial sites go, there isn’t much yet, which is one of the reasons we started Following Jolla. One early contender packed with stories is Jolla Tides. The Jolla Wikipedia entry is also a very detailed starting point, though of course subject to constant change.

You can also try following Nokia fansites and general mobile-oriented sites, they have already provided quite a bit of Jolla-based coverage. For example MyNokiaBlog has a very interesting Q&A session with the company, and IntoMobile has an excellent interview with Jolla’s CEO.

For the more technically-minded, a pretty good place to discuss Jolla and MeeGo’s future is over on the forums which have been the backbone of the Maemo/MeeGo community over the past seven years. (For various reasons you’ll find the main Jolla threads in the “competitors” section rather than the “MeeGo” section.)

A brand new Jolla-only forum has also opened up at, with separate sections in Finnish and English.

Is the company called “Jolla” or “Jolla Mobile”?

It’s just “Jolla”.

Many refer to the company as “Jolla Mobile”, perhaps because they made their first announcements through the Twitter account @jollamobile and used the internet domain for company e-mail. However, the name of the company and brand is simply “Jolla”.

What does “Jolla” mean?

It’s a Finnish word meaning a small boat or dinghy. Some people see the company as a “lifeboat” for developers at Nokia who wanted to continue their work on MeeGo. The lifeboat metaphor is especially apt in many people’s minds due to Elop’s infamous “burning platform” speech, which preceeded Nokia selling itself over entirely to Windows.

It may also be a reference to Mer, the version of MeeGo that they are going to use. (Open source software fans might like to check out Mer’s Wikipedia entry, as its history is slightly complicated.)

How do you pronounce “Jolla”?

An English approximation of the Finnish is “Yol – lah”. A “j” is pronounced somewhat like an “i”.

But Jolla themselves said it was pronounced like “Jeans”!

It could be that they have an alternative pronunciation in English.

Can we stop talking about pronunciation now?


Does Jolla have any connection to La Jolla in California?




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