As I have already mentioned somewhere, what makes N8 stand out of the crowd is its a substantially larger sensor than any ever used in any other Nokia device that emphasizes sensitivity over megapixels and rivals those found in compact digital cameras.

For some time now, the team behind the N8’s camera has been working tirelessly, testing, tuning and optimizing individual aspects of the camera’s performance and  to good folks over at official Nokia conversation blog we have now almost 40 photos in all, charting the development of the N8’s camera over a period of three months.

The pictures were taken by a variety of folks involved in improving Nokia N8’s imaging capabilities. In some cases the quality got worse before it got better, as is prone to happening during the development process. Of course, this is just a small selection from the thousands of photos taken during the camera development, and tweaking is still going on.

Improving the low light performance is one of the hardest challenges for mobile device cameras and they are also planning to offer more low light samples to share soon as this aspect of the camera is still being tuned.



PS : Pictures are shown below in the order they were taking, from April through to June 2010. I am bit late in posting this. Sorry about that. Now ur about to see some stunning pics. Get ready. Also the images are not in their full size. I’ve Size down so that it fits the page.

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