Forum Nokia Never Sleeps. Good folks over there have posted a bible of  “How to Port Applications to Qt”. Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework. With Qt, developers can write web-enabled applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile, and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. So got devs got your fancy iphone or Android app. Here’s your way on how to port them to Qt. Start concentrating on Qt , earn BIG money.



  1. Great opportunity for the Developers to reach the global market with their application or service, on Symbian and Maemo devices.
  2. Qt, application development for Symbian and Maemo mobile device platforms is a far more productive than with previous technologies.
  3. With Qt developer will be able to cover both platforms with same or almost the same code base with a true cross-platform implementation. Furthermore, if  he wish, the same code base can be used, for example, for Windows-, Mac-, or Linux-based desktop versions of the application. Qt is truly a full-scale cross-platform application framework.
  4. The programming language for Qt is C++. Modern classes and functions that are familiar from other technologies make it extremely easy to adapt to this language. If you are experienced with the Objective-C or Java™ programming language, you will have your first Qt C++ project running within hours.
  5. Qt provides all modern classes and functionalities familiar from iPhone and Android. This makes it easy to keep the application logic close to the original when porting.
  6. Qt runs on several operating systems, so there is no predefined screen size to play with. (Nokia phones require typical resolution).
  7. The framework handles 24-bit PNG images with optional 9-point scaling. In practice this means that all those graphical assets from your existing iPhone or Android project can be reused successfully.
  8. Lots more to go.

PS : Nokia N8 will be the First ever Symbian device to have Qt (4.6.2) pre-installed.

Head over here to this Wiki page to learn more about Qt App porting and more.

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