Nokia has announced Ovi Store’s New Worldwide Fixed-rate Operator Revenue Share  with 91 operators worldwide.

Beginning with publisher payments made after Oct 1, Nokia will offer a worldwide fixed rate operator revenue share, guaranteeing the payout to developers.

Ovi Publish Terms & Conditions page will be changing to reflect this new agreement.  When the change occurs you will be prompted to accept the Terms & Conditions.  You will not be able to access Ovi Publish until you accept the new Terms & Conditions.

Extracts from mailers sent to publishers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much more money can I make with the new policy?
A: Publisher revenues will on average increase by 50% if comparing sales of the same content at the same price under the previous and new calculations.

Q. How long before I see payments at the new rate?
A. All payments due after Oct 1 will take into account the new operator fixed rate. Payments will be made after the end of each calendar month when the total balance due the publisher exceeds 100 Euros.

Q. Will this be retroactive to July or August of 2010 payments?
A. No, this will not apply to payments already made, but for payments starting Oct 1., all payments will be made at the new rate regardless of when the underlying operator billing transaction occurred.

Q. If the split was 70/30 before, how is this better for me as a developer/publisher? What is the benefit to me as a developer or publisher?
A. The benefit of the new rate will make the publisher more money. Publisher revenues will on average increase by 50%.

Q. How many other major app stores offer operator billing or is Ovi Store the only one?
A. Nokia is currently the only major, worldwide content store offering the convenience and opportunity of operator billing.

Q. Why is Nokia doing this?
A. Nokia believes that changing to a fixed revenue share for all purchases done through Ovi Store demonstrates a major and immediate improvement in revenue predictability and results for our publishers – publisher revenues will on average increase by 50%. This new method provides more predictability, thus allowing the publisher to create more reliable business plans and a greater return on investment.


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