is famous for sucking the life out of mobile phones, it is a well known fact that the greatest cell phone battery would whimper and die after prolonged use of Wifi, however all that may change when WiFi energy takes over.

Scientists from a little company called RCA have invented a handy gadget that allows a mobile phone to harvest the WiFi energy and convert it into electricity! As a result mobile phones would be charged for free, without the need to plug in the pesky chargers. The gadget was unveiled at the CES this year, and in our opinion it beats innovations like 3D TVs and tiny ebook readers, let alone motion controllers.

The device is named the ‘Airnergy Charger’, and while the technology isn’t brand new, it is the first time a commercial product has been developed using it. Tests results showed that the Airenergy was powerful enough to charge a Blackberry from 30 percent battery to full battery in 90 minutes, all the while using free energy! The Airenergy comes with a little battery and the gadget itself is small enough to be carried around in a pocket. According to the RCA, the Airenergy would be available in stores by May, and will cost around $40. That is an amazing price for a gadget that revolutionises technology and energy saving. And you don’t need to worry about charging the battery of the charger, the ‘Airenergy’ charges itself when it is anywhere near a WiFi source. If you have a home wireless network, you could just leave it anywhere in your house overnight and it would be fully charged by morning.

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