Looks like we would be seeing Windows phone’s action happening much quicker than MeeGo’s. We got this heads up from guys at Espblog. Itseems the firm will be getting the first lot of windows phone from the Taiwanese device manufacturers ‘Compal’.

This is with reference to a tweet from Dan Nystedt, tech journalist in Taiwan, Ex-employee Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal and IDG News. Quite a high profile there. He has confirmed that Compal will deliver 2 million units in Q4, but has not confirmed which Windows Phone it is. Guess it might be Sea Ray?

With Nokia World 2011 kicking off during the month october, it’s very likely that we might to see Sea Ray there?

Or both Sea-Ray and N9? That would be stupid. Why would any company try to kill it’s own product? It’s like announcing the sexy Lamborghini (N9) first and Mercedes Benz SLS (Sea Ray) to kill it? That ain’t happening. But since Nokia has limited the production of Lamborghini (N9) it is likely possible that (Sea Ray) might overtake Lambo!

N9 or Sea-Ray 

Which one do you prefer? ;)


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