This is proved true as many said that Nokia is a hardware only company. The firm gave most importance to the hardware in the first place. And they cared much on the camera megapixel count than making the software which drives them look better.

Adam Greenfield, a former head of design direction at Nokia said this to Newyork Times :

He said the company’s engineering driven culture is also responsible, explaining that the engineers at the company see the design of the software on a mobile phone as secondary to the guts of the device. For example, he explained, executives at the company proudly promote the innards of a phone, almost like a car company gleefully showing a customer the engine under the hood.

“The engineers at Nokia brag about the number of megapixels a new phone has,” he said in a telephone interview on Thursday. “But they don’t understand that if you can’t find the button to use the camera on the phone, it doesn’t matter how many megapixels it is.”

He noted that even though thousands of Nokia employees work on design and user interface, engineering is still the company’s focus, and design is thought of as “secondary within the company.”

Mr. Greenfield said he left the company  last year after he felt that Nokia’s design was not viewed with enough importance in its future mobile strategy. Nokia did not respond to a request for comment asking about the internal struggle between design and engineering.

Mr. Greenfield noted that in 2002, when Nokia was the clear leader in mobile, design was not as important in creating a great cellphone. Yet with the advent of large touch screens and the popularity and simplicity of the iPhone, the company has failed to adapt, he said. And, he said, sometimes it doesn’t even seem to appreciate Apple’s success.

“Some Nokia employees continually disparage Apple, internally calling it The California Fruit Company,” he said.

The company is in the making to become next HTC by only worrying on the hardware mostly, and letting the software masters like Microsoft and Google to take over the job. This is quiet a sad move of not believing in what they always achieved success in. All the we can hope is Nokia reaches success with Microsoft parnership. We’ll long term success is quiet visible, atleast as far as the US market is concerned. Lets watch.

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