Gotta give it to the awesome maemo community! Folks over there have achieved this. Skykooler of talk maemo forum has been able to quad boot OSes. This is the power of Linux and an hardware as awesome as the N900. Mobile computer, truly it is! This is one such platform and kinda device that’ll give geeks the orgasm that they need.

If you own this beast, and willing to try MeeGo or NITDroid or Kubuntu or re-try Maemo itself, you simply can.

Prerequisites mentioned

1. N900.
2. MicroSD card, at least 4 GB.
3. MicroSD card, at least 8 GB class 6 (class 10 recommended).
4. A computer that you can reflash from if necessary (i.e. not running Vista or Windows 7), also one that has a card reader (either built-in or external).
5. A lot of patience.


To can get full sources, package, tutorials and instructions on how to install Maemo, MeeGo, NITDroid and Kubuntu, follow : Quad boot N900

PS : Try it at your own risk.

Source : (1), (2)

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