Nokia Conversations has announced that the long awaited firmware update for the N900, PR1.2 (V10.2010.19-1) is out.

Major Change log.

  • Ability to dial USSD code (usually used by operators to get account status and balances)
  • Video Calling from contacts
  • Facebook IM bundled
  • Improvements in the Virtual Keyboard
  • Ability to accept and decline event invites from the email client
  • Portrait mode web browsing
  • File Manager is now able to share any file and/or folder without any third party software.


For detailed Changelog head over to the PR1.2 changelog at

Before installing the update make sure you uninstall unwanted applications on your phone and remove the extra-devel and extra-testing repositories if you have installed them. Even though the OTA (Over the Air) firmware update retains all data and settings, do a quick backup to be on the safe side.

Head over here to find the changes that were predicted by MohammedAG and check out if you’ve got all those.

Nokia also said ,

Moving away from the update and to look at MeeGo and the Nokia N900. Many of you have been asking whether the new MeeGo platform will be supported on the N900 once it’s device-ready.  Although Nokia N900 devices are being used for platform development and testing purposes by those involved in the MeeGo project, we don’t have plans for a full scale commercial MeeGo upgrade on the Nokia N900. The reason? It’s really about ensuring that you have the best possible experience designed for the features on your Nokia N900 device.  Nokia realises this news may be a disappointment for some, rest assured that Nokia will continue to support the core Maemo software on your Nokia N900, as evidenced by the PR 1.2 (V10.2010.19-1) update available today.

And this video showing the game Roller coaster is my favorite game and lot other 3D games , and now that its in 3D what more a freak needs? So that’s all for now. Hope the N900 get the kind of treatment it has to,  because its a worth device.  Also don’t freak out if you are not able to see any update rolled out for your region the update’s on the way for every N900 user. But if like us you would hate to wait for the firmware, then you can go ahead and download the firmware images from here and flash using this guide.

Update : Check out Stobbsc’s post here which is awesome. With screenshots, updates lots more.

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