Well this is my part of concern, and of every other Nokia lovers too. The RAM. This is major part where Nokia totally got things wrong with the Much Hyped failure N97. And they followed the same with N97mini , X6 etc. But with N8 i guess they got it all right!

The Person who tested this said

Both the N8 and Omnia HD had just been rebooted. The N8 had one full page of widgets and two half-filled pages of widgets. Obviously this means that, if you’re looking for maximum free RAM on your N8, removing homescreen widgets should give you a sizable boost.

So guess that is all we wanted to know about the N8’s performance. And this amount of Free Ram would be sufficient enough to run any heavy apps or 3D games , click supah cool photo’s for you,  multitask smooth. What else , its just a phone don’t expect it to control ur wife! :P

So finally N8’s got a pretty fast processor, good amount (not best) of RAM , got a Dedicated Graphic Processor as well , Got an excellent 12MP Carl Ziess Snapper , good choice of material and color. Damn N8 where are u? ” My Hands are itchy”.


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