In a survey held by The Economic Times, Nokia India has toppled it close competitors amongst the mobile phone manufacturing brands and has come out as number 1 in the list of Most Exciting Youth Brands in India. What excites people here is the innovation that Nokia brings in, every single time they launch a product. Youngsters here love Nokia’s range of products starting from low-end to mid-ranged to high end smartphones! Value for money, now that’s something that is keeping Nokia high, and the way they design a product is outstanding.

For instance N-Gage range, N & E Series range of classics. And oldie goldie devices like Nokia  3310, 3650, 6620 and 7610. Some of cult classics like 6600, N90, N95, E71. N900, the power-horse, woah. The N9. Also, the ever green S40 phones like 5310, 2700, 6300 and lot of the. The list can go on and on. Nostalgia. And the first Windows Phone device is no less, it’s such a looker.

Though the recent Symbian/Maemo fiasco would have brought lot of ambiguity in minds of people, majority weren’t bothered about the OS nor the hardware that phone runs. The advent of Android in India has made kids here give too many damns to OS and hardware like never before. Which is good and bad as well.

Neverthless, Nokia’s recent Lumia campaign was a huge hit! It’s fresh, and they are carrying just that right kind of attitude that they should be! I’ve met few teens who expressed their enthusiasm, love and madness toward Lumia line up and they were so much thrilled to use a Nokia device that matches, outperforms, those Apple, Blackberry and Android devices.

Nokia have learnt their lessons in a hard way, and they are in no mood to go down! Their decades of expertise in mobile making and delivering quality goods to consumers shall not be put to shame. Though they have touched there once. They are back in game err.. they are in the game, and they know to win it like they mean it!

Those brands that have made to top 20 are as below :

IMO, at most times, you just don’t need a lady with little clothes to create excitement for a brand, you make good products, give your heart and soul to it, let the product speak for itself!


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