Eseries always has this oomph factor! And E6 is no less. Nokia has manufactured some outstanding class of phones. And Eseries stands up tall there. It’s all about the build, form factor, reliability! A great example of one such device is E71. What a phone. Love it. Touch based devices may be “the thing” now, truth be told, devices of E71 form would never lose it’s charm. I keep switching devices from touch to non touch and so on. Touch and type form, like on this one is a fantastic combo for a person like me!

I had an opportunity to learn more about this device earlier, when good people at NokiaIndia had invited me to preview this device before it’s official release. Later, now I got a chance to trial it, big thanks to NokiaIndia and BloggersMind.


Lets deal with this device now. Serious business?

Nokia E6 has been built on the success of the Nokia E71 and Nokia E72 with a sensible touch DNA added. E6 is a size zero looking device, sexy! Edgy design with lot of curves at places. It’s got a very neat screen made of gorilla glass, best touchscreen on any device of this form. Impressive capacitive display, technically it features an outstanding VGA (640×480) resolution packed into just 2.46-inch with a staggering pixel density of 326ppi, highest on any E-series device, yet!

But, I think an AMOLED CBD display, with a bigger screen would have rocked the phone like nothing else. The phone comes with an 8GB inbuilt memory, 256MB RAM and up to 32GB expandable memory, 1500 mAh battery, a 680Mhz processor, powered by Symbian^3 a.k.a Symbian Anna.

Now lets get into more details.


Something that really continues to surprise me. EDoF, yes! Good or bad? Good. You cannot expect to click close up pictures on this one. The camera hosts a variety of features like face detection, scene selection, ISO settings, location info. Pretty darn neat camera. Surprisingly or not, I like the 8MP EDoF CAM on this one. Though this one is incapable of taking close-up shots, anyway this class of users won’t mind. Photo quality on this is quite amazing though. Images are better processed. Nokia E6 can also record HD videos (720p at 25fps) which is brilliant. And, like most Eseries devices, this one doesn’t have a dedicated camera key either.

Few sample shots

12072011125 07072011076 10072011115 07072011075 06072011074 06072011072 10072011113 06072011071
10072011112 10072011111 03072011060 02072011033 10072011106 09072011099 02072011031 08072011081
02072011030 09072011094 02072011029 09072011093 02072011027 09072011091 02072011026 08072011080
09072011090 02072011024 08072011088 02072011023 02072011018 08072011084 02072011017 08072011082
(Clicking on thumbnail, takes you to flickr page)

More Hardware, connectivity

Phone has a lock/unlock key-slide to its right. Before I forget let me tell you about E6’s notification light. You need real concentration to find it out. It exists though.

The phone’s micro-USB port can also act like a USB host (needs adapter though) often called as USB OTG. Supports USB charging, and one good thing is the small pin charger slot exist in this one too, makes life simple! Got all standards like WiFi, BT, Internet tethering ready!

Like I tweeted after day 1 of phone usage.

5+hrs heavy web usage, 2+hrs of music, heavy texting, 30+ mins calls, whatsapp, email client in background, battery down to 3 bars from 7.

With minimal usage you can expect 2-3 days of standby, practically. Battery performance doesn’t fail to impress me, at all.  1500mAh battery and Symbian OS are familiar with this game!

And there has to be something bad about this hardware, right? Yes, I don’t like the D-pad, the way it’s placed, its a bit too elaborate. And vibration alert on this one is a scary, I mean it is too low. I did miss some alerts! Too bad.

That’s all about externals of the phone, nothing’s changed from what I saw then, and now. Love the way how it looks and feels right.

Hardware conclusion

In terms of hardware Nokia E6 delivers really really well. Except for it’s small screen size.  It’s beautiful and solid, it has stunning display resolution, more than perfect keyboard, impressive battery! Direct sunlight visibility was sweet. Had no issues there. Can’t really complain about anything at all. Perfect form factor. It’s a “Nokia E-Series device”, which has it’s own place set in the hearts of many!


This one has ‘Anna’, is that enough? Nope. Nothing extra-ordinary. Rather has a well cooked Symbian^3 with a number of improvements. Not disappointed with ‘Anna’ nor excited. It doesn’t have that oomph! But if you want to get the work done just right, this one’s all ready.

So, what does Anna and E6 combined has to offers :-

You get to see five home screens, 3 customizable widgets and 3 non customizable mini widgets, date/widget, profile and notification glued to the left hand side of the screen. While notification widgets appears only on events such as missd. call and unread messages. Those mini widgets aren’t movable and they appear on all 5 home screens, wasting a lot of screen space.

Symbian ‘Anna’ which was earlier called as PR 2.0 brings in a new icon set, called ‘Surround’, which is the same icon set that future Symbian and MeeGo device will feature.

Long press and hold on icons, homescreen, contact etc..

Browsing, Applications and Performance

Anna’s web browser has a better user interface, now. No more ugly softkeys, no more pathetic browsing experience. Anna’s browser is good & also ‘USABLE’. Major part of concern is the font’s on context menu are freakishly small. Also, pinch zooming around is not as smooth as what you would expect, added to this is that fact that screen size is quiet limited. Apart from that, web browsing on this browser is quiet a good.




Web browser has seen quiet a lot of improvements like split screen view while typing. Page load times are faster. The browser is much easier to use with easy switching between windows and all. It loads most of heavy sites with not much strain, no memory full issues!



Ovi Maps

(Nokia Maps now) has been refreshed with simpler and quicker search, new public transportation routes and check-in to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or local social networks. Sharing location has also been made easier, with this release. Good improvement overall.


This being an E-series phone, the business user have a lot really to make use of. Like IM with Microsoft Communicator Mobile, email enhancements including full meeting request support, secure with hardware accelerated encryption. I was on GPRS and i had synced my Gmail and Ovi Mail account. These accounts synced without any hassles. Point is, you can simply rely on this stabilized Nokia Email client. Push mail works, apt! Also this phone supports intranet. Comes with full version of Quick office, Adobe reader, Joikuspot which are simply outstanding, must haves!



Contact has social client, favorite contacts and Microsoft communicator IM integrated within it.

Calendar is now supporting multiple, color-coded calendars and has ability to attach objects (images, voice recordings, notes etc.) to single events.

The social client has been improved as well. Now you can see people’s status updates from within the contacts. I don’t use the social client, not good enough for me, Gravity and fMobi best social solution for Nokia phones, ever!

You must all know that this phone runs on a similar hardware of E7. Same CPU and RAM. So, this hugely helps on the performance. The phone’s responsive, no “LOW MEMORY, PLEASE CLOSE APPLICATIONS” error at all. This device handles most heavy apps and web pages just fine. Oh well it’s got neat task manager too.



Applications, First time when you setup your phone, you’re asked to sign into your Ovi account, so that the same credentials works across all Ovi services (Maps, Store, Music), which is quiet a joke because, in reality this feature didn’t work very well, i was asked to sign in again and again at many places despite being setting up my account already. Needs attention and improvement!

Pre loaded apps includes JoikuSpot (Wi-Fi hotspot), Quickoffice, Adobe Reader, F-Secure, Psiloc Traveler, Video Editor, Photo Editor, Font Magnifier, Vingo. Also, Ovi store has seen a good improvement, the latest version brings app update, where your notified from within the store if your installed app has any new updates. Which is kinda cool. Also, not all apps and games are designed for E6, thought almost all existing S^3 apps and games work on E6.

Ovi Store

It doesn’t have the best of UI, it’s not intuitive, slow and still buggy at places, like while scrolling through long list of apps. Ovi store has lots more to improve on, including app availability.

It’s just that E6 is sufficed with must have apps, already.


Nokia’s Music player is one of the best in class, only app which is so beautifully done. The media player can playback MP4, H.264, H.263, RV, MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, eAAC+ files. As soon as you launch the app, you would see an album art view, where scrolling thought albums is pure fun. And the music player itself has got various options to view songs accordingly. I quiet often use playlist view, which has quiet a number of options like most played, recently added, and you can also create your own playlist. Music menu has preset equalizer setting (you can’t add your own EQ thought), stereo widening, loud mode options.

Talking about video playback, video player took a while before playing some heavy video files. Not the greatest of video player this device’s got.


Nokia E6 is the cutest E-series device yet. While the absence of Auto-Focus camera might not be a deal breaker to business users, it is to me. Also, the screen size is not so satisfying. Anyway, E6 has a fantastic build quality, decent display, best QWERTY keyboard in this class, long-lasting battery, all essential applications preloaded, ‘Symbian Anna’ and the aggressive pricing. All these makes a clear choice for those current E71/72 owners and for business oriented people who are actually looking at a reliable solution.

Also, watch out for Nokia E72, Blackberry Curve 3G.


  • Pre loaded content
  • Superb QWERTY keypad
  • Build quality, and overall feel of handset
  • Value for Money factor


  • Screen size
  • Font size (not well optimized)

E6 in picture

Do drop in your queries, if you have any!

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