My Dear friend Karsten A.k.a Mr.Pingu has got this light and fast CFW working on his 5800. And has shared his work with us. Look at the changelog , he’s even added some of the worlds coolest mods that is available for 5800. And all credits to the guy.

From the guy.

Simple CFW without any apps preinstalled
Thanks for PNHT to make this possible

You need the PNHT C6 files then overwrite with my file
Get PNHT files here
Tutorial importing your own languages here
English only, you can add your own langauges yourself with NFE v0.2 STD
Get NFE v0.2 STD here
Tutorial importing your own languages here

Visual mods:
-4×5 Menu
-Theme effects based on android, zoomxtreme and atlantis-
-Enabled Rotation effect
-Added Themes, WLAN Wizard, Connection Manager, Bluetooth and Profiles to the Menu
-Removed zip manager, Adobe Reader and quickoffice

Performance mods:
-DM’s cameramod for better picture quality
-HQ recorder mod by PedroCST
-NoFOTA Cache (will free up 5MB on C drive)
-Increased Memory Heap Size
-Decreased Application Close Delay Time
-CPU Speed increased
-5800 audicodec
-Working mediabar

Applications installed:

Practical mods:
-Music player only search in E:\Music\
-Support for sending .sis/.jar and other restricted files
-Everything can be installed!
-Conversations added in messaging and in Menu
-Send messages default on 999
-Add Space when using to right cursor
-Downloads will continu after shutdown(see screenshot, this will pop up when you boot the phone again)
-Widget no prompt mod by Szakalit
-Browser options has to rotate to landscape even without sensor of

Startup Animation:

Video Preview for this firmware working on 5800

Download Final FW v11:


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