Nokia announced Bicycle charger kit yesterday along with the launch of the much awaited Dual-Sim phones.

The kit consists of a DC-14 phone charger, a phone holder that you can attach to your bicycle, a dynamo, that would be used to power the batteries and a bunch of accessories needed to install the kit on your bike.

A minimum speed of 6 km/hour must be maintained for charge to happen. Nokia suggests that the speed of the bike be over 12 km/hour for best efficiency.

How it works ? Just the same technology that behind the cycle light.  The dynamo helps in generating power and getting the charge transferred to the phone. And expected price of this unit is around Rs.850 and will be available within Q4 2010. This is also a new way to slim down you fat. Cycling helps. All thanks to Nokia for introducing this product, now its in hands of the user to make good use of it. ;)

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