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This might as well be a new start. I might be writing few posts about Windows Phone in future. To add icing on cake, I have been using a Windows Phone, Samsung Focus, running on developer Mango. And I absolutely am loving the beauty of this OS.

Coming to point, Microsoft has started rolling out the much awaited, Mango aka Windows Phone 7.5 update today to existing Windows Phone users. The firm also confirms the availability to almost 98% of Windows Phone users across and all carriers and countries in just within 4 weeks.

This update can be related to Belle update. Just to understand it better. It’s just that BIG! Heavy improvements in every nook and corner of the phone. 500+ features added, MS claims so. With Mango the overall user experience has be improved by god know to what extent, it is that good.

Alternatively, Check Where’s My Phone Update? for the latest global status info. Just in case if the update is unavailable, keep trying after a day or two. Switch on the auto update notifier feature from settings – about.

Just FYI – What’s up Windows Phone Mango!

From Windows Phone Team, 

When will I get it?

While today’s rollout includes most of our carriers and handsets, we’re not making Mango available to everyone at once. So it could be a few weeks before an update message for Windows Phone 7.5 appears on your phone.

Why don’t we just blast it out?

It’s a fair question. Delivering Windows Phone 7.5 simultaneously to so many phone models and carriers requires the right engineering balance. Speed is a priority—but so is quality. We’re not just delivering our new operating system but also new software supplied by individual handset makers. This “firmware” is necessary so your phone—and apps—work with all the features of Windows Phone 7.5. But it essentially means that we’re supplying not just one update, but many different ones, given the variety of Windows Phones and carriers out there to choose from.

If a problem comes to light, it’s critical that we can isolate and fix it quickly. So we’re deliberately starting out slow. This week, we’ll be making the update available to 10 percent of customers. If everything looks good, we’ll open up the spigot a bit more—to around 25 percent. We’ll hold there for one or two weeks, then quickly ramp up to 100 percent—monitoring quality the entire way. That’s how we ensure Mango arrives both quickly and in tip-top shape.

If we hit unexpected snags, we might have to temporarily slow or halt the update rollout. Starting this week, I’ll resume posting here regularly to let you know where things stand.

How do I install it?

One day a message pops up on your phone saying an update is available. Great! But now what?

Depending on what kind of computer you have, you’ll need to install either the latest version of the Zune Software for PC or Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac. Then visit Update Central, our one-stop how-to resource for Windows Phone updates.

Once you’re done, you might want to poke around the Windows Phone website, which was refreshed today with new how-to articlesvideos, and tips for getting the most from Windows Phone 7.5 (including a big list of new feature highlights). Finally, don’t forget to check out our new online Marketplace for apps and games!

This is sure an interesting phase for WP users and the developers. A major milestone for MS, and I am really excited for Nokia as well. Windows Phone is the only OS that I can see overtaking iOS interms of usability, smoothness, service and social integration and in lot other areas!

More at http://mango.microsoft.com

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