Folks from MeeGo Blog has released early phone UI Screens. I gotta admit that  “I’m HUGELY impressed”. Also these UI are customizable just like Android (So any manufacturer can take it convert it according to their taste eg: like HTC Sense). Let have a look at the UI screens.

Lock Screen

Drag and drop to unlock screen.


3D view

*Concentrate here.

Grid view

*Here too.

Menu / App Laucher

Icon set #win.

Navigation Bar

Check out the blur and highlight. Need’nt explain.

Best part about these UI  are , with each theme you choose , you get a special theme effect specific to that theme.

*With the first screenshot of taskmanager you can see that alert screen has (thumbnails of apps that live) has a sharp design, but wit the the 2nd alert( green-black theme) there’s a curve shown with the apps opened thumb with a drop shadow at back. Pretty Pretty. Me likes! *Drools N9*.

Also heard that Nokia and Intel are working on giving 3D interface for the MeeGo OS. So are we seeing this on N9? Only time can answer that question. Will update you fellas on any that. For more info on MeeGo UI, Dev’s Story and more awesomeness check out MeeGo Blog.

Only problem behind this is , time it takes to come out to market. So many other OS’s are showing off.. Come out soon MeeGo, its payback time..!!!

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