Who or what is Jolla?

Jolla Ltd. is a Finland based smartphone company which continues the great work that Nokia started with MeeGo. The Jolla team is formed by directors and core professionals from Nokia’s MeeGo N9 organisation, together with some of the best minds working on MeeGo in the communities.

Nokia created something wonderful – the world’s best smartphone product. It deserves to be continued, and we will do that together with all the bright and gifted people contributing to the MeeGo success story.

Together with international investors and partners, Jolla Ltd. will design, develop and sell new MeeGo based smartphones. The Jolla team consists of a substantial number of MeeGo’s core engineers and directors, and is aggressively hiring the top MeeGo talent to contribute to the next generation smartphone production.

That should have pretty much explained everything!

Ex-MeeGo team from Nokia and the amazing folks from MeeGo forums and blogs will support and continue their work on developing, rather shaping up MeeGo further, the unsung hero OS!

Q & A

So, future of N9 and N950?

Jolla will continue the MeeGo development. However, the Nokia N9 and the N950 will not see any updates past PR1.3. Jolla will create new MeeGo smartphones together with their industrial and investor partners. Marc Dillon is registered as the Chief Operating Officer of Jolla.

JollaMobile’s update via Twitter:


On Nokia #N950, we love it and use in development. Nokia #N9 is in our heritage, but we cannot provide support since it’s Nokia’s product.

Will there be new devices?

New #MeeGo smartphones will be created together with our industrial and investor partners and with support of the MeeGo community.

There were news floating on the internet that Nokia had gifted patents to Jolla, relating to MeeGo. Later, Nokia’s Mark Durrant, confirmed that the company has not given Jolla any patents. He add, ”We’re proud of the support from our Bridge program to start-ups founded by former Nokia people,” Durrant told to Slashgear.

I’m thrilled for the community. FOSS ftw!

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