Mr.Urho Konttori, Product manager of MeeGo native tools has confirmed this on his personal blog. Where their team is almost ready to roll out the update which bring in/fixes 3500+ features. That is a staggering number, ain’t it? Two masterpiece devices from Nokia, the N9 and N950 would be getting the update soon.

Nokia N9 developer page posted this yesterday –

The N9 team is in the final stages of preparing an update to the Nokia N950 image, which will align the software more with the Nokia N9 product image.

To enable a smooth upgrade to the new image N950 users should ensure that they have the latest release of the firmware on their devices (34-2 or Beta2) – SSU will fail with Beta1.  So, if you have not done it already, update to Beta2 now using the OneClickFlashers.

For more information about upgrading from Beta1 to Beta2 please also check out this webpage.

Do read Konttori blog page, he also has a say on the Windows Phone coz he’s already started working on WP devices. He has a mention of the devices coming out in 2013/14.. Hold on. No leaks! But just a mention of kind of devices that we would be seeing during that time.

Piece of interesting information shared by Konttori –

It is very exciting work indeed. We are looking at the devices coming out in 2013 / 2014 now and the tech for that time is something mind boggling. For a long time, it seemed to me that invention was stalling again after apple iphone 4 came out. iphone was revolutionary, but 4 didn’t bring anyting big on top of 3/3gs, just nicer looking, more power and a bit more resolution. 4S doesn’t seem to be bringing much new either, just better and faster than previous model. Android has been mostly fixing the flaws it has had all the time, and trying to make the platform vaguely performant.

When I’m looking at the next generation of CPU/GPU combinations, I’m almost speechless on what could be done with them. We were stuggling so much with N9 to get the 60 fps possible on the 848×480 display (have you guys noticed hidden 16 pixel rows by the way? <- hackers take a peek and gain a few thousand pixels more) with the limits that we had. These limits are now totally gone. There is no limit for 2.5 D view rendering performance neither on CPU or GPU side.

2013 onwards, industry will make a huge leap in CPU and GPU power and start being close to PS3 & Xbox power levels. It’s so fast that even Android can start innovating new things. ;)

This leap of power will usher a new age for mobile devices – if we play our cards right (I mean, as the industry, not only as Nokia). Display technology is advancing at immense rates. Transparent and flexible OLEDs seem to raise so many opportunities that it makes my imagination just tingle of working to set the playground ready for the next innovations on the software front.

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