*The only way you can flash is through Windows XP.


1. Install Microsoft’s MS XML
2. Then install the i8910 HD Flashing drivers. At this point it might pay to reset your machine to insure the drivers install correctly.

Firstly a warning, before we flash the phone. Make sure its full charged. Please note that flashing your phone will void your warranty. Also do not disconnect your phone or power off your computer when flashing! Otherwise you will have yourself a nice shiny black brick.

3. Start the downloaded HyperX firmware. (the .exe file) You can see the program, but can’t click the start button. Or for any generic firmware , after the download , select the respective csc file, code file , and modem files from the downloaded firmware to the Rom flashing tool.

4. Shutdown your I8910 and start it with volume button up + lock key pressed. (if its done correctly, you will see the bootloader, a blue screen)

5. Connect the phone with usb, and you will see that you can press the start button in the program to flash the firmware!

Files (I8910 Flashdrivers + Microsoft’s MS XML)


(via: HX Releases)

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