Free App: HappyNap for Nokia S60

Free App Download HappyNap for Nokia S60

Smart Valley Software just released free HappyNap application for Nokia S60 users. Based on patented technology and medical research, this innovative application helps users to take the most effective nap. Rested and refreshed feeling can be obtained easily with this kind of Power Nap: all that is required is to open the app and place the mobile phone in close proximity before falling asleep. It is not necessary to wear any equipment for this app to work. HappyNap uses the phone’s built-in microphone to monitor and analyze a user’s movements and sleep patterns, and thus to determine the best time to wake up from a nap. When the time is right, HappyNap will arouse the user from sleep with an alarm.

You can get HappyNap for Nokia S60 for free from OVI Store

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