“Window Phone” Concept

1) The Window Phone Concept:

Here is a collection of some of the most futuristic and interesting concept phones.

The Window Phone Concept The Window Phone Concept The Window Phone Concept The Window Phone Concept
The “Window Phone” makes accurate predictions and even changes its display to reflect the climatic conditions outdoors.

Designer: Seunghan Song

2) Brix Phone:

Brix Phone

Brix Phone Brix Phone Brix Phone

Designer: Seokwon Hong

3) Visual Sound Concept:

Visual Sound Concept

The Visual Sound is a mobile phone for the hearing impaired that converts voice input to text and text input to voice.

 Visual Sound Concept

Designer: Suhyun Kim

4) Floater Mobile Phone:

Floater Mobile Phone

Floater Mobile Phone Floater Mobile Phone Floater Mobile Phone

Designer: Mac Funamizu

5) HTC Evolve:

HTC Evolve

This concept touchscreen tablet runs a custom skinned version of Android OS and it’s powered by an Intel Atom CPU.

Other Features include:

  • 128 GB SSD internal storage and 1.5 GB of RAM.
  • Possibility of incorporating a version of the fast booting, recently introduced Chrome OS for quick usage purposes.
  • Two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack on its right side.
  • A camera and microphone are also located in the front bezel for video communication.

HTC Evolve HTC Evolve HTC Evolve HTC Evolve

Designer: Timur Pinar

6) “Mobile Script” Concept Phone:

"Mobile Script" Phone

‘The Script Phone has two touchscreens, one in a traditional candy bar style format, the other a flexible OLED that stiffens with a low voltage charge when you unfurl it. This layout enables maximum real estate when watching movies or editing documents when you need it. ‘

"Mobile Script" Concept Phone "Mobile Script" Concept Phone "Mobile Script" Concept Phone "Mobile Script" Concept Phone

Designer: Aleksandr Mukomelov

7) Motorola Concept Phone:

Motorola Concept Phone

This Motorola concept is Super Kawaii! ‘The word “Kawaii” in Japanese is close to the word “Cute” in English.’

Motorola Kawaii Phone Motorola Kawaii Phone Motorola Kawaii Phone Motorola Kawaii Phone

Designer: Joseph Liang

8) Nokia CLIPit Concept:

Nokia CLIPit

Design features of Nokia CLIPit:

  • Finger print as your SIM.
  • CLIPit has all the cell phone’s data web based and you can reach not only by CLIPit but from multiple devices like other cell phones, disposable cell phones, your car kit, your home phone and so on. The key is your finger print.
  • On top of the CLIPit you have a steel touch screen made by a group of small Light Emitting Diodes installed in the steel touch pad. So you have dynamic buttons and can dial, send and receive SMS and navigate your music easily.
  • You don’t need to hold the phone in your hand or use any other device like Bluetooth hands free. When you have a call, just pull down the clip and CLIPit becomes a hands free.
  • The ear phones of CLIPit have two sockets. You can hang your CLIPit around your neck with them when listening to the music. Like a beautiful necklace made by turquoise and steel.
  • The way to connect with other devices for CLIPit is to Clip it to them. You can clip it to so many things to have connection with them. For example back panel of public bus seats.
  • You can clip the phone to any part of your clothes or your bag. You can hang it around your neck with its earphones. You can wear it like a Bluetooth hands free. And also it is enough small to put it in your pocket.
  • PHILIPS has developed a new technology called “Lumalive”. They have fabricated some kind of cloth that has internal OLEDs and is quite a color fabric screen. The design team used a developed form of that technology in the CLIPit and has two fabric screens. The 3- inch screen is just a formable, flexible cloth that has a “Lumalive” screen as the upper layer. You can clip your CLIPit to this 3-inch screen and have a mobile phone with a 3-inch color screen. It is quite BIG for a mobile phone. But the 12-inch screen is a combination of “Lumalive” and a concept fabric called “Smart fabrics”. “Smart fabrics” are cloths with a net of sensors between its layers for touch sense. The net is cut able and the fabric can be cut or sewed. In fact smart fabrics are touching sensitive cloths. This fabric is combined with “Lumalive” and to become a multi-touch color screen. Clip your CLIPit to it and you have a folding pocket 12-inch laptop.
  • The 12inch touch screen is also a medium for CLIPits to share their data with each other. Quite easy. Quite funny.”

Nokia CLIPit Nokia CLIPit Nokia CLIPit

Nokia CLIPit Nokia CLIPit Nokia CLIPit

Designers: Ziba Hemmati, Mohammad Zamani, Mir Kazem khalifezadeh, Rasul Shokrani & Ali Khajuee

9) Nokia ‘Green’ Phone:

Nokia 'Green' Phone

This is a phone that will last you five years. After that, it’s just a twist and about a minute of dissembling and you’ve got an 85% recyclable stack of materials on your hands. Kind of nice, yes? Why is it all green, you ask? So that the plastic can be melted down and re-molded without any discoloration!

Nokia 'Green' Phone Nokia 'Green' Phone Nokia 'Green' Phone Nokia 'Green' Phone

Designer: James Barber

10) ‘Ondo’ Music Phone:

'Ondo' Music Phone

This concept is a music-based cellphone. It not only records music, it not only edits music, it not only plays that same music you just recorded and edited, it can do all this without accessing a separate computer.

Ondo' Music Phone Ondo' Music Phone Ondo' Music Phone Ondo' Music Phone

Designer: Pilotfish

11) Fashion Phone Concept:

Fashion Phone Concept

This fashion accessory is also a mobile phone.  A projected light beam in the inner circle impersonates the rotary dial, but to dial a number you need to simply touch it.

Fashion Phone Concept Fashion Phone Concept

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