*#0000# – Display the software version, the date when the software was built and the phone model. Also for newer phones like N79 , N85, N97 .. ie the fp2 device and s60 v5 devices you can update the phone’s firmware just but hitting options->check for updates.

*#06# – Display IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identify) of your phone.

*#2820# (*#BTA0#) – Display the Bluetooth device address of your phone.

*#62209526# (*#MAC0WLAN) – Display the MAC address of the WLAN adapter. This is available only in the newer devices that support WLAN

*#7370# (*#RES0#)- Reset your phone to the default factory settings. Usually you will need this code when you want to reset your phone back to the same condition when you got it for the first time. When the phone ask for security code, the default one is 12345.
Warning: Before you do reset the phone, make sure that you don’t have important data. Your data on the phone memory will be lost once you reset it.

*#7780# – Soft reset, just the settings will ne reset , you wont lose any data.

*#92702689# (*#warranty#) – Display the life timer information of your S60 phone, i.e. the total time of phone call (in minutes). Some users have asked how to reset this timer; as far as I know the only way to reset it is by flashing the phone.

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