This is no fake AFAIK, and Andy i know him as A.K.A HyperX and his team has finally achieved this break through mod, were they have actually overclocked a Symbian Phone Called Samsung Omnia HD A.K.A i8910HD which uses ARM Cortex A8 processor. There were many great modders who actually didn’t believe that Symbian phone can be overclocked. So these Symbian-Freaks have proved them wrong. And before i speak any further, i wanna tell you all that, this mod works only on i8910 at the moment and is not yet public. Will shortly be made public.

From the Guy

Lets come to the facts:

System overall speed with 900 Mhz feels better, snappier and much more responsive then any other S60v5 phone.
100 % no dropped frame on 720p 24 fps recording.
Before you are claiming that YOUR phone has better results, you must note that the benchmark-results depence on many factors. So the used Java engine for FPC Bench will give you different results f.e. And also for speedy-go we all know that this benchmark-tool should´nt be used to proof the system-speed, but the results will show you that the overclocking solution is working and NO FAKE !

We are now thinking about how to make it public, don´t ask for it, it will come but first we want to try if this solution can also work on nokia phones.

Speedy-Go results:

600 Mhz max original speed:                   900 Mhz max. Clock speed:

FPC Benchmark CPU 2M multi thread:

600 Mhz max original speed:                   900 Mhz max. Clock speed:

FPC 3D benchmark results:

600 Mhz max original speed:

900 Mhz max. Clock speed:

Again, Note this mode is currently made and tested only on i8910 where the Processor Speed can be overclocked or underclocked too, but this is not the end. Andy is already working on making this mod work across all Nokia Symbian phones that uses (ARM Cortex A8 processor). And if that works, wOOT! HyperX will be Labled as the awesome’st symbian freak ever. And Symbian would reach that next level. The PENULTIMATE LEVEL. Hoping for the best.

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