This CFW version has English, r1, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish language support. Read more for changelog and download link.

Change Logs:

1) Modded Menu layout, wid auto arrangement after flashing.
2) No lag in kinetic scrolling in menu.

Software n Installation [sis,sisx,jar,jad,wgz]:
3) Install 99.9% of unsigned appz and games wid of the need of patches. [sis]
4) Java security is set to default to protect u r phone from malicious java programs. [jar]
5) Open Widget files wid out annoying security popup. [wgz]
6) Send Sis Sisx Jar file in default file manager
7) Install server and open4all patch set to auto after flashing

Boot & Shutdown:
Boot animation set symbian os loading with ram, memory etc
9) Nokia green boot image set
10) Nokia 3d grass shutdown image

Music Player Settings:
11) Music Player read music only from E:Music folder
12) Music player rescan is very fast as the folder search has been limited
13) Bass booster patch added in RP


14) Sms tone is “Excuse me boss u have a new text message”
15) Ringtone is modified nokia tune
16) Ringing default value is set to maximum in general profile

Voice Recording:

17) Highest MP4 quality set.
18) Length set to 12 hrs


19) Default sent sms is set to 500
20) Message to nokia on startup after flashing is disabled
21) Conversation application integrated to messaging


22) Browser cache moved to memory card for faster performance and to prevent crashing
23) Browser orientation changes to landscape even if sensor is turned off
24) Resume web browser broken downloads
25) Bookmarks editied [ ;facebook; youtube ; ovi and vodafone only]

System Performance Mods:
26) Heap size increased
27) Application close delay time reduced
28) Rotation lightining fast
29) Caching has been moved to c: for speed [performance is far better than placing it in memory card] unnecessary startup process disabled
30) Tapping control added [tapp to off alarm]
31) Shake phone to silence calls
32) FOTA space of 5 MB is deleted from phone memory
33) Call volume in internal speaker and loudspeaker is set to high by default
Kinetic scrolling is optimised all over
34) Ram optimised
35) Camera process is killed after closing it

Visual Mods:

36) Menu circle set to symbian logo
37) Default brightness is set to 100%
38) Bluetooth default name is Macdows Os [combined Mac and Windows name ]
39) Glide theme effect By Mr.G
40) Default font

41) Camera quality set to highest
42) Disable camera sound by shifting to silent mode

Folders Created Automatically:
43) Music ; PATCHES in memory card

7 Homescreens Added:

44) – Vodafone HS [default hs]
– Orange HS
– Basic Omnia [original omnia icons and not the coloured]
– Full Page [6 icons]
– Finger Use [8 icons basic + 4 shortcuts]
– Navigation Bar
– Contacts Bar

Themes added:
45) -Symbian^3 rugge [default]
-Ivertigo by dsma

46) Patches Added:
Install Everything.rmp – Allows the installation of any non signed application
Show system files.rmp – Shows all system folder and files in C: and E:
Remove Red Recording LED.rmp – Removes the RED led that lights up during Video Recording
Record Tone OFF.rmp – Turns off call recorder beep during recording
Remove Show Open Apps – Removes the “Show Open Applications” tab from options menu
Block GPRS & WLAN.rmp – blocks bluetooth and WLAN
Disable Logs.rmp – Disables LOG application
Lock Settings.rmp – Disables settings application
Lock Bluetooth.rmp – Locks the bluetooth
Lock USB data.rmp – Locks USB connectivity
Lock Installation.rmp – Prevents installing of any softwares
Activate Bass Effects.rmp – Activates the bass effects
c2z4bin THUMB.rmp – c2z like patch for binary files
12 months call log.rmp – Increases log period from 30days to 12months
LCD Light ON.rmp – Keeps the LCD backlight ON
Show typed Password.rmp – Shows the typed password instead of “*”
Show hidden options.rmp – Shows hidden options in options menu
Restart Power Button.rmp – Long press power Button to Restart device
Short Multi Tap.rmp – Decreases the waiting time between pressing of two keys
Global Note Fix.rmp – Removes all popup notes (Base patch)
Disable Enh Note.rmp – Disables many popup notes
Disable USSD Notes.rmp – Disable operator USSD notes
No Profile Switch Note.rmp – Removes the popup note that opens when profiles are changed
ReadCRoot – Shows full C: drive contents on Default file manager (This patch is buggy, Be carefull)

Applications Added
47) BTSwitch [press the app to switch on bluetooth & off]
48) Appuidviewer [view uid of all appz in u r phone, useful when u r playing wid gdesk, smartworkspace]
49) Ramblow [gain and boosts ram]
50) Conversation [threaded sms type]
51) Siseditor [edit modify sis appz]
52) Touch restart [touch the app and make phone restart]
53) Bluetooth receiver [if u want to receive app thrue bluetooth switch this app on and it will automatically show u a popup which folder to save the receiving file, select any folder u want in memory and press ok. so u can even receive GB’s of data directly to desired folder ]
54) Custom dictionary [add dict word t9]
55) Kill me [kill unwanted processes]
56) Xplorer [advanced file manager]
57) Rompatcher

Download v60.0.001 [contains English;French;Dutch;Italian;Spanish] Mediafire
4shared Link
[contains English;French;Arabic]4Shared[no omnia hs but u can install it separately]
Download Latest Multi Widget HS substitute to nokia n97 hs…. <– install this sis file to memory card and get surprised…

Important Read

  • before flashing format memory card or delete [sys;system;private;resource folder]
  • extract the rar file u downloaded and rename the rofs2 and rofs3 to original name of firmware u downloaded through navifirm
  • after flashing immediately hardreset or soft reset phone [*#7370#]
  • after resetting wait for exactly 30 seconds dont do anything

All thanks to its creator Rohit.

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