Above is the video that has been entirely shot with the Nokia 808, prolly the world’s greatest camera phone ever produced yet. The device has a whooping 41MP camera sensors developed by Nokia in deep collaboration with Carl Ziess.

From the video sample you can observe how the continuous autofocus helps in capturing the best moments. The true colours. The depth of focus that the camera is able is achieve is fascinating.

A bit about the video from the uploader.

I have been priviledged to use this magnificient camera phone. It has been a pure joy to shoot pictures and videos with it.

All videos shot using only Nokia 808 and tripod. No macro lenses or other lenses used.
All video samples in this video are straight from the camera. I have not done any processing to the video but only pasted them together using Sony Vegas video editor. The audio is also separately recorded with Nokia 808 phone. I wanted to switch the original audio tracks because they were so noisy because of the wind.

Additional Info:
Shooting with Nokia 808 when capturing starts the CAF (Continuous AutoFocus) is on but it can be overridden simply by tapping the screen at point where one wants the focus to be. Most of the scenes I tapped the sceen in the beginning of capturing in order to master the focus where I wanted it to be. (Naturally I edited this part away at editor)

I used automatic mode at the scenes where I switched the focus from near to far away or wise versa. Even with automatic mode it is possible to shoot quite close. The flower scenes were shot at macro mode along with the snail clips. At automatic mode it is not possible to focus far away or to infinity.

Someone commented somewhere that it is possible to rule out those focus transitions since it does not look artistic. Well, I wanted to leave them to the video so that people will get right impression who the focus works. Naturally these transitions can be eliminated at video editor.

More madness? Check out this video below –

The Nokia 808 PureView taken to Iceland in an attempt to photograph the Earth from space.

This device should be available in India by end of this month.

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