This technology has been use from many years overseas. Finally all our Nokia smartphones have job to do. Not only Nokia, but Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG etc smartphones  with a front camera can finally be of some sense.

For those who want to know whats 3G network  , It is the next gen mobile communications systems. You get high speed internet access on your phone with the ability to make video calls, watch live TV and Youtube Videos, browse the net on high speed on your 3G mobile handset.

Voice Plans  is as below:

BSNL 3G Plan:

Sim Card: Rs 59.

Initial Recharge :  Rs 120.

Free Talktime: Rs 20.

BSNL to BSNL (Local): 20ps/min

BSNL to Others(Local): 30ps/min

BSNL to BSNL (STD): 50ps/min

BSNL to Other (STD) : 70ps/min.

BSNL to BSNL (Video Calls): 30ps/min

BSNL to Other (Video Calls): 50ps/min.


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