It was finally on Jan 15th 2010, when i got the trial Nokia N97 and HF-510 speakerphone from Nokia, through DHL courier. Thanks to the shipment Tracking system provided by DHL , it was fun to track the device. I thank WOMWorld NOKIA for giving me this opportunity.  Also as a pleasant surprise , Katie from Womworld had sent 1GB usb stick for self, filled with the award winning apps from ovidailyapps , Thanks again team!


First lets start off with the N97.


Boxing of N97 was awesome – sleek , sexy & rich with N97  embossed on top cover wow! Unboxing I found the mighty white N97 with a cute litte stylus next to the device.



  • Charger
  • Stylus
  • BP-4L Battery
  • Instruction manual
  • DVD with OVI suite
  • USB-cable
  • Charger Converter
photo063t.jpg photo062d.jpg photo154f.jpg
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Initial impressions

The sexiest Nseries yet. The white N97 give’s your hand a gr8 look.  It looks awesome, superb, pretty, good looking, these are the comments which i got from my friends and family. The chrome finish around the screen of device is a great selection of design. The QWERTY keyboard, when open with the slider, the whole experience of holding the N97  makes it feel like your carrying a mini computer. There is nothing to complaint about the design. The device felt good, neat, lovely etc..  I like the way it feels “BIG”, that’s how high end devices are supposed to feel , Bold and Beautiful. Pretty cool homescreen, widget’s works great, the good old Symbian^1 UI with not much of an eye candy transition or effects.

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Design – looks & feel
  1. On to the right side of the handset the volume rocker and the dedicated two-step shutter key,  ” It feels Nseries”.
  2. The left side mated with the stereo speakers at each end and a wobbly  screen lock knob in the middle. Also the micro USB slot having a cute little charge indicator light as its neighbor.
  3. The 3.5mm standard audio jack is on top center of the Nokia N97, along with the power key to its left. I like the placement of audio jack , it feels like your carrying an awesome music player with you.
  4. The backside of the handset features the 5 megapixel camera lens with cover and the dual LED flash. And a nice looking back cover with a sleek raise at bottom end of the cover for grip.
  5. And a cute little stylus , which does its job right. But its a bit too heavy to tag it along with the device , i prefer my fingers.
  6. On front below the 3.5″ screen you can find menu button , touch sensitive call and end button with Nokia’s signature color – Green to call and red to end.
  7. On front above the screen N97 has an ambient light and a proximity sensor, with a front facing VGA cam.




Interaction – UI
  1. Symbian S60 5th edition OS provides a great and stable UI , simple and easy to use. Apart from that,  i’ve to say that Symbian OS needs a refreshment , the UI is not 2010 standard, i definitely need a UI with smoothness all over, also there’s a need for multiple homescreen which is missing in this Flagship device.
  2. Widgets are always a welcome change , ” I mean only this widgetized homescreen differs from 5800″?.  Its a flagship device we expect something more awesome.
  3. Kinetic scrolling with the v2.0 software works smooth and it was hard to use the device without this feature out of box.
  4. Gallery works just too great , snappier, soft, nice making complete use of kinetic scrolling.
  5. Music app has both radio and music player option’s under single base. Kinetic scrolling works great here too.
  6. Kinetic scrolling works everywhere. Menu, setting, reading lists, songs etc etc.

Preinstalled Widgets

  • AccuWeather
  • Agenda
  • Amazon
  • AP News
  • Bloomberg
  • Contacts
  • FM Transmitter
  • Hi5
  • Music player 
  • Online sharing
  • Shortcut
  • Slideshow
  • Facebook
  • Time, date , clock
scr000007f.jpg scr000012a.jpg scr000011y.jpg scr000029.jpg scr000016z.jpg scr000010e.jpg scr000033o.jpg scr000008.jpg

Inside N97-Deep

  1. Phone book works simple and useful making full use of Kinetic scrolling. No smart dialer.
  2. Widgets are movable , and some widgets like email , facebook , music , calender , works very nice and are very useful. I can access all these without need to touch the phone , all widgets are active and runs fine.
  3. Photo browser, maps and music app’s does the job which it has to without any fussiness .  Web browsing is a great experience with help of qwerty keyboard , KS works fine here too.
  4. Music player has feature to stream music to any receiver via FM transmitter lovely ,  also  music player has 6 preset equalizer , option to set loudness and stereo widening which is cool. Also podcast and radio in music app does a nice job.
  5. Maps does a decent job, waiting for the Ovi maps v3 with free lifetime navigation wow!.
  6. Ovi store App, this is the first phone from Nokia to have ovi store app built in , from where free and paid apps, games , themes , wallpapers can be downloaded which requires account at ovi. Not a gr8 app , it can be better.
  7. Video player , gives a list to select from last watched video , and video collection , and feed’s. Yes realplayer is the daddy here to play all videos. And sadly no DivX support , which is a big  fail according to me.
  8. Application menu has many built in app’s like office suite , qik , facebook, boing , joikuSpot , Msg.Reader , recorder , camera. And most important of all its got a cool app called SW update which bring’s u all the latest update’s released for phone. All the latest Nseries phones has this feature. Nokia guys had given a phone memory optimizer and latest N-gage app , Nokia maps so on updates using this SW update app.
  9. First device to port N-gage app onto it. Not really happy with that as it doesnt provide a full screen gaming experience also no real 3D gaming experience as no dedicated  graphic processor.
  10. Cant run  loads of apps and switch between them as less available internal phone memory and ram and not the greatest processor , a big fail again.
  11. Speakerphone quality is good, no problems it does all the tradition phony job’s pretty well.


  1. Camera does a normal job, 5mp dual LED flash , with no extra features just the simple features those found in 5800 , nothing to really feel thrilled about , and upon that the cam cover which is intended to protect the lens,  spoils them, in turn spoiling the image quality , though lens replacement was initiated by Nokia through NSC , this was not expected from “Nokia” and not in their Flagship atleast.
  2. Also the camera interface allows you to use both cam’s the front facing as well as the main camera also video record using both. That’s great.
  3. Options found under camera are  6-Scene modes including Macro(Close-up) , Video mode , Show grid or hide, Self-timer, Color tone, White balance, Exposure, Light sensitivity, Contrast, Sharpness, Sequence,goto Photo gallery and geo tagging option.
  4. Video recording is pretty neat and useful , option to record video in night mode ,low light condition’s are pretty cool , also stores the video in .mp4 format neat.
  5. Camera pretty good, but the lens cover spoils the lens, if any of u experience this problem take ur phone to nearest Nokia Care and get the problem rectified.
Some shot taken (via: N97)



Coming to Apps and Games

I was lucky enough to get the Ovi Daily App USB stick from Katie Womworld  in which i found five pre-loaded apps to try out they were :-
Tweets 60: Makes using Twitter on the go easier than ever.

Nimbuzz / Fring: Two messaging applications that conveniently aggregate all your favorite social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk and Skype.

SMS Preview: Makes incoming texts flash up on your screen as they come in. No need to navigate into your inbox anymore!

Handiwi: Helps you find and connect to WiFi access points, both public and private.

Converter Touch: Kilograms, ounces, miles, knots, stones and many more. This handy unit translator will convert just about anything!

  1. I am a social networking freak , i hang out @facebook and @twitter , so i found the Nimbuzz and tweets60 damn useful , also the Fring for ip calls wow, then the sms preview is a handy one , which make u more lazy , by showing u a neat preview on top left of ur mobile. Handiwi is again a cool app, then the last but not least “Offscreen technologies” converter touch- i am a big fan of their apps the UI of their app is awe-inspiring. All the apps works like charm , they are mostly made for S60 V5 phones but Nokia phone’s are the priority ! Thats one thing i love about Nokia , the availability and compatibility of apps wow.
  2. N-gage works pretty nice but not that great. No full screen game play.
  3. The D-pad works like charm in most of the cases , i love the way its placed . Cant live without the D-pad. Cool stuff.
  4. Also i miss the 3D graphic accelerator , which make’s me miss all the lovely HD games available out there.
  5. Quick office  to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. The PDF viewer preinstalled only 15-days trial version huh!? Yes
  6. Don’t miss the apps and game’s from the Ovidailyapps site and the Offscreen technologies site , they are the best and brilliant stuff.
Finally the  Conclusion

The N97 was released at the right time , with wrong hardware and software. Lots of expectations , but Nokia could cater only few , its a device that got disappointing reviews at many sites, but Nokia doesnt give up so soon! , They released the version 2.0 firmware with most bug fixes etc.. Frankly speaking the firmware which N97 should have carried out of box, Better late than never they release v2.0 software soon. This is sadly true, The N97mini the little bro of the mighty N97 has become its biggest contender. So can N97 handle the pressure? I have to say “No” ,   yet N97 is one of the most featured smartphone available in market.  The Nokia N97 will always stay as a master piece in terms of design and looks. Am really looking forward for QT and Symbian^3 hope it works on N97. Also I have a big list of complaints and appreciations
Good, Bad, Ugly.


  • Design , the form factor , feel of the device.
  • Wide Availability apps and games and services.
  • Battery life
  • v2.0 firmware
  • D-pad
  • FM transmitter
  • N-gage
  • Great Music quality


  • Inadequate internal memory
  • Insufficient free RAM
  • Insufficient processing power
  • No 3D Acceleration
  • No Divx support outta box
  • No Tv-out cable
  • Some pre-installed apps that cant be deleted
  • Some camera features
  • Expected a ground breaking Hardware but no luck.
  • Heavy priced
  • Old styled headphones

Now guys enjoy some random pics about the Nokia N97. Thanks for ur patience and support. Thanks Womworld , friends and family. You rock!The N97 White Beauty

N97 3.5″ screen , proximity and light sensors , with VGA cam(front)

The angled menu button, Call and End dtouch sensitive keys, slide key(left center)

The keyboard Layout

The Slider opened lovely Mechanism

Slide open , another view

The N97 and cute lil stylus

The volume rockr, cam button below

Nothing much , a stylus hanger

The Micro USB port , 3.5mm AV jack , power on/off button

Also The N97 has  stereo speaker on both ends to its left.

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