My thought’s on Nokia’s million dollar baby, the Lumia 800!


1.       Desgined to impress

The device has to be undoubtedly the best looking Windows Phone device that one can ever find in any planet, yet. Well, Earth, mostly. Style does matter, and how! The phone oozes appeal and is an instant attention-grabber, not a seeker, but you’d be the attention seeker with one! It gets all the attention and more, with ease and grace. The device, however, is not just about looks, it performs really well too, and is a real treat to use. The curved glass screen and the unibody design are a nice touch, and the display – just brilliant! Floats. The device is made of a high grade plastic, polycarbonate, and it shows! Solid construction, no cracking or squeaking sound, whatsoever! Real premium stuff by Nokia. Their designers know it all, for sure!

The Lumia 800 is blessed with an Auto Focus camera with Carl Ziess optics, which needs no introduction. Pictures are of a good quality, but I still am not as impressed with it as I was with the N8’s. The Camera does need improvement. Nokia’s imaging guru & his team are apparently already working on pushing a camera software update to improve image processing.

Volume buttons and touch sensitive buttons are placed just right! The power/sleep button’s placement is a wee bit weird though. Additionally, the phone has a dedicated camera button, which I love the most, as would most photography lovers. Very handy.

The performance of the phone has been absolutely impressive even without a dual-core CPU, which leads me to belive dual cores are just a marketing gimmick. No lags, no hangs. Microsoft’s plan to standardize the chassis specs, is a very wise decision. Everyone receives an OS update; none are left behind. Which means no fragmentation, of the type that plagues Android!


2.       Designed to express

The device has a beautiful soul. Well, that of a Nokia N9. Combined with the latest version of Windows Phone, it feels very connected, almost human. The hardware to software blend is almost perfect. Just like the iPhone! We’re getting to see a Nokia device that deserves all the love and accolades it receives. Windows Phone experience is also a delight on this candy bar phone. Gorgeously made. Incredible design.


3.       Designed to connect

Windows Phone Operating system is solid. Microsoft has gone ahead and taken a bold bet against Apple and Google Mobile OSes. Pat on the back to you guys at Microsoft who’s involved in creating something unique, fascinating and straightforward! Concept of *live* tiles is one of a kind. Alive and appealing. Live tiles aren’t just an app shortcut. It does much more. A unique feature of Metro UI. Future Windows phones and PC’s will offer a unified experience. And live tiles are going to take the major responsibility in helping them out.

If you ask me one reason ‘Why Windows Phone device and why not any other’, the answer would be simple. Social network integration! Work can be fun. It’s spectacular, after all you’re with Microsoft! Setting up your Facebook, Twitter and Linked In accounts are dead simple. Once done, the phone does rest of the job. It will pull in contacts from those social sites, drop to “People Hub” and you’re done. Create circles, check updates from only those whom you care. Did I tell you that you can chat with your Facebook friends just right from your Messaging Inbox?  Yes! You can go online and start a conversation just from there. Real cool stuff! You get your own tile too where you’re updated with mentions, tags and every social activity that involves you. Shows how integration should be. The entire Microsoft Office suite of applications comes as a part of OS. Very neatly integrated. Lets you create, edit and even sync to cloud via Skydrive.

Apps like Mix Radio and Nokia Drive are exclusive to Nokia WP devices. Mix Radio in India has literally no content. They need to work on getting local content asap! Or it means nothing to us. On the other hand, Nokia drive is an amazing navigation application which offers lifetime free turn-by-turn navigation, not offline yet. But this things simply works like a charm!

Xbox integration is lovely. You can customize your avatar, which itself is a major fun part of the phone. There are games, but not enough. New content are getting added every now and then. But, then, waiting sucks! The Windows Market place seems to have enough apps now, though. One lovely thing about Windows Marketplace is that you can try the app before buying. Very cool. Infact a major plus!

IE9 browser on Lumia is HTML5, again, never did an IE look or work this pretty neat and fast.

Before I forget, I’d say, onscreen keyboard of Windows Phone OS is mindblowingly awesome. I can blind type on this thing. Auto correct is just too,… correct!. No complaints whatsoever. Heavy texters are going to like it very much. Infact, I have heavy loveu on it.

Multitasking is good, not the greatest. And one can’t expect Symbian/MeeGo like real multitasking. But, it’s simple and easy to use.

Audio output on the device is crisp and clear, well balanced. Not the loudest. Music player needs EQ setting badly. Microsoft, take note. Learn from Apple!

Battery life of the device is just acceptable when compared to Android or iOS devices. The battery saver on the device is not of any “you won’t miss it” feature. It really works! And I find myself using it quite often when I keep that juice in the battery.



The Lumia 800 is the Nokia’s second most important release after Nokia N95. They are only allowed to make very little mistakes from here. Nokia have created near perfect device. It’s their comeback device. Nokia has finally given a very competitive device that can stand in line with Apple and Androids and give a run! WP platform is enjoyable. Stands bold at places where other fruits don’t.

If you’re a die hard Symbian fan who wants his phone to be completely open, you will be left unimpressed. If you’re a person who wants things to be organised and who wants to live his/her life with ease and peace, you will be impressed tremendously.

Windows Marketplace doesn’t play the number game. They concentrate on giving users never before app experience. Apps feel as a part of OS experience instead of donning a Halloween’s costume. Also, the platform offer a number of amazing services and features like, Top notch Social network integration – Threads, Groups, Contact sync. Bing vision, Bing music, Free skydrive cloud storage of 25GB, MS office, Xbox live and very little yet amazing UI transitions/effects.

With such a blend of complicated designing and a beauty of an OS, this time Nokia has got their mix right for sure! — This is just the beginning. A baby step, you may call. It won’t take Nokia a long time before they learn to walk! Exciting times ahead.

You can love it or hate it, but you just can’t ignore it!


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