2015 Tesla Model S P85d

2015 Tesla Model S P85D  behaves
like a machine built on the mantra. This 691 hp battery
electric car is for the toe tappers, the watch checkers, and
the impatient. Tesla claims that this model has a
acceleration of 0- 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, cutting down
1.4 seconds from the previous P85 model it replaces.So what
it really makes this car?


2015 Tesla-S-P85D

To win as more buyers as possible, the manufacturer seems to
have won the game in by implementing very attractive
adjectives. This includes a wide range of elegant colors to
choose from such as red, alloy-black and metallic-grey. To
enhance on-road stability, the car has been equipped with
long lasting aluminum wheels with a standard diameter. Its
exterior stylish look is nothing but a perfect combination of
elegance and luxury.


2015 Tesla-S-P85D

Although there isn’t much wretched excess inside the 2015
Tesla Model S, the massive touch screen on the instrumental
panel along with the striking gauge display are hard to
ignore. The seats look awesome and beautiful due to the
nature of materials used in making them to enhance cushioning
and support. It has a three-passenger capacity and a trunk
meant to allow for more cargo when need arises. Other
interior features include; WI-FI and Bluetooth connectivity
and USB port to support entertainment and other common needs.


2015 Tesla-S-P85D

It is important to note that this is one of the fastest
electric cars in the world. This being the case, the
manufacturer has made use of some of the most efficient
motors to serve the intended purpose. They include an AC
induction of 221 hp/244 Ib-ft front and another of 470 hp,
443-ft-Ib rear. The engineers simply made making this super
sedan look easy.


The new front drive differential and the 221 hp electric
motor perfectly fit between the rack-and-pin gear and the 85
kWh battery pack to enhance stability and torque. The only
notable engine and performance-related downsides are the 290
pounds of excess weight and the reduced volume of the front
truck from 5 to 3 cubic feet.

2015 Tesla-S-P85D

Price and release data

The release of this electric car is expected to late
this year, although there is no official communication about
this yet. The release will come at a time when the world is
looking for the best possible solutions of reducing carbon
emissions to save the climate and reducing global warming.
This is one of those cars that the people will be waiting to
help in solving this menace.

It is estimated to start selling at a base price of around $

2015 Tesla-S-P85D


Competition in the near future we can expect from the new
Porsche Mission E.