Microsoft – So long Nokia, aye aye captain!

  Nokia services and business are sold to Microsoft. The sale is over. Only HERE is theirs now. Nokia Oyj will be Microsoft Mobile Oy, henceforth.

Jolla, Asha and Lumia 1020, 41MP Windows Phone

Long time, no see. Things have kept me a little occupied. Without further delay, I’m here to share some details on Jolla (Meego based) device, the latest line up of Asha devices, and latest sensation, the Nokia Lumia 1020, a first of it’s kind Windows Phone with a 41MP optics, and Microsoft’s plan [...]

Nokia Asha 501 – N9 Mini Me!

First impressions, that. A mini me version of Nokia N9! Nokia weeks ago, launched the newest, and the swipe’ist version of its Asha series with the launch of the Nokia 501. A brand new Asha platform. Roots revisited, this. The UI has the likes of Meego running N9. Priced at $99, around 6000Rs, it [...]

Fancy phone insurance? Nokia and New India Assurance launch handset insurance plan – All damages covered!

Firstly, apologies for the long absence. Back in action starting now! For a majority of consumer in India, insurance is a major factor while they make a purchase. Retailers like Sangeetha mobile, Universal are already offering handset insurance for all phones purchased under their hood. This the [...]

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 launched in India!

Three months await. Nokia has finally launched its flagship Windows 8 device, the Lumia 920 and the mid ranged Lumia 820 here in India. The Lumia 920 is priced at Rs. 38, 199 and Lumia 820 comes with a tag of Rs. 27,559. Debatable pricing, we must say. Also, Lumia 620 will be released early [...]
Nokia-Lumia-620 (1)

Nokia Lumia 620 launched – A budget Windows Phone 8 device!

Nokia has launched the Lumia 620, the third of Windows Phone 8 line up from them. A budget device. Colorful, attractive and carries right amount of cuteness. This device is mainly aimed at the youth of today. Anyway, Nokia wouldn’t mind if the mid-aged folks invest on it. Anyway, this device was [...]

Nokia Asha 205 and Asha 206 launched – Come with one-touch Facebook access, Slam sharing and more!

Nokia has unveiled two new ‘Asha’ phones, Asha 205 & 206 which comes with a host of new and fancy features like voice-guided self portrait and ‘Slam’ – a quick share feature.   The Asha 205 is a QWERTY handset with a dedicated Facebook button offering one-touch access to the social networking [...]

Sailfish OS – Jolla’s MeeGo-based Mobile OS Launched !

Jolla has launched it’s first MeeGo-based mobile OS at Slush 2012. To explain in a nutshell, Jolla team are a bunch of super heroes who have come to show to the world what their unsung hero OS, MeeGo is capable of, which was sadly dissed by Nokia, previously! Check out the video below to know [...]

Nokia Introduces HERE, A Cross Platform Mapping Solution!

Nokia has announced a mapping application for the iPhone and other devices on Tuesday and rebranded its location services. They call it ‘HERE’. Nokia also said it would acquire a Bay Area start-up called Earthmine to provide 3D street views for its maps, and announced a partnership with Mozilla, [...]
New lumia

Nokia has started shipping Lumia 920 & Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 devices

Nokia has announced that it has started shipping its Windows 8 based smartphones Nokia Lumia 920and Lumia 820 in France and UK, followed by Russia and Germany later this week. Nokia had first showcased both these smartphones in September 2012. We also had a chance to play with both the devices on [...]
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